How to Work in Canada Without a Work Permit!

How to Work in Canada Without a Work Permit!

If you initially get an offer from a business that can sponsor you, your prospects of finding work in Canada without a work visa will be significantly increased. If no jobs are available, your sole choice is to get a work visa by engaging in one of the following alternative activities: working illegally, working undercover, or engaging in unpaid work experience. Let’s examine the issues and hazards associated with each choice.

Essential Conditions

All employees, even those working without a work permit, are subject to specific duties and privileges. Regardless of the sort of work you do, your employer is required to pay you at least the minimum wage and offer a secure workplace. It is crucial to understand that if you work without a work permit, your employer has the power to terminate you.

The threat made by your employer to contact the police or the immigration authorities is untrue and won’t stand up in court, so they can’t do it. If you are working without a work visa, you do not need a contract of employment or an offer letter as evidence of employment. Report it to the Ministry of Labour if you believe you have received unfair treatment from your employer or superiors, such as getting paid less than the minimum wage or not receiving enough time off for rest.


To work in Canada, foreign nationals and permanent residents must have a work permit. When you are on vacation or visiting relatives, this rule does not apply. Additionally, you should be aware that an electronic travel authorization is required if your stay will be for six months or fewer (ETA).

Before departing your home country, you must submit an application for an open work permit with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada if you intend to remain for more than six months.

You may use the Government of Canada website to submit an application for a co-op/internship or other kind of job permit after you’ve arrived in Canada. Just so you know, there is a $150 cost for each application.

pupil visas

If you are an international student, you may work up to 20 hours a week on or off campus with the permission of your study permit. You must be a full-time student who has the resources to sustain themselves while you are in school. Working in Canada is prohibited if you do not qualify for this kind of work visa.

You have two options in these situations: either you apply for an Off-Campus Work Permit (OCWP), which only permits you to work while attending a Canadian institution, or you apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), which enables you to live and work in Canada.

Graduate Student Work Permits

You may be eligible for Postgraduate Work Permits if you are a Canadian who has finished your studies but does not fulfill the requirements for Permanent Residency (PR). International students are permitted to work for three years after graduation with these permissions. Those who want to apply for this permission must:

-graduate from a program at an accredited university after completing at least two academic years of full-time study there;

-Continue to enroll in their program of study full-time;

within four months after earning their degree or certificate, get employment verification from a company; and

-Submit a work permit application no later than 90 days after finishing a degree or certificate program.

Class with International Experience (IEC)

International students who wish to work briefly and investigate the Canadian employment market can enroll in the International Experience Class. Open work permits and employer-specific work permits are the two types of IEC. A genuine work permit allows you to apply to any employer in Canada; an employer-specific work permit only allows you to apply to the company that sponsored you.

You must provide proof of sufficient finances (such as bank statements) or evidence that your employer has made arrangements to pay for your stay in Canada (e.g., a letter from HR). Contact Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for further details.

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