How to Apply for a PNP in British Columbia Using the BC Tech Pilot

The British Columbian government has made it simpler to immigrate to British Columbia through the BC Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and the BC Tech Pilot (BC). You might be able to get your PNP through the BC Tech Pilot if you have the necessary skills and experience and are a tech-savvy person.

Okay, let’s start!

This economic immigration policy aims to support the expansion of the Canadian economy. The initiative enables the province to suggest foreign talent, including international students and businesspeople, who can boost the economy and satisfy market demands and labor shortages. You can apply for permanent residency to live and work in Canada after being nominated.

What occupations are currently in the highest demand in British Columbia?

People who apply the right skills in these industries will have a better chance of success because the province is currently in desperate need of health care professionals and early childhood educators, which are prioritized occupations.

The government of British Columbia has prioritized the following professions:

How Do the Invitation Draws for Skilled Immigration Operate?

Depending on the drawing style, different aspects may be the focus of a particular drawing. According to details on the official website of the Government of British Columbia, candidates will consequently be sent an Invitation To Apply (ITA) and will be judged on one or more of the following criteria:

Education level and field of study
From where did you receive your diploma?
English proficiency
length, degree of knowledge, and work experience
salary and/or skill level of a job offer
Justifications for wanting to reside, work, or establish oneself in a specific area or province.
Making sure you can meet the demands of the BC labor market or supporting government programs and initiatives are examples of strategic priorities.

In order to add value to the Canadian tech industry and guarantee its continued rapid growth, recruiters are now able to look for talent internationally thanks to the BC tech pilot program. This experiment is ideal for qualified tech workers because locals are unable to fill the position. Through this trial program, candidates can also apply for permanent residence in order to support the Canadian economy.

Draws in the BC Tech Pilot: How Do They Operate?

Targeted drawings will be used to select participants for the trial, giving applicants priority access to the program. In order to speed up processing, a separate crew is assigned to look over tech applications.

Through economic initiatives, this route is meant to help qualified refugees enter Canada, while also allowing Canadian employers to use it to find qualified, skilled immigrants to fill open positions.

The program’s successful applicants will be granted permanent residency in Canada and be able to use their training and experience to help the BC labor market.

Requirements for the EMPP

Make sure you follow the EMPP requirements. Contact our immigration experts for help with this if you need it.

You must confirm that you meet the requirements set forth by the BC PNP for the category of Skilled Worker.

You must fulfill BC PNP criteria in order to be eligible for the BC Tech Pilot.

You must obtain the recommendation of a specific Partner NGO.

How does the procedure function?

The chosen NGO partners will be on hand to assist applicants who have the required in-demand skills. Targeted will be up to 50 EMPP refugees who meet the requirements; the NGO partner will send the selected applicant to the British Columbia PNP.

If a BC company needs a foreign worker to fill a position under the British Columbia PNP, it can also speak with an authorized NGO partner directly.

Our trusted immigration professionals are on hand to assist you if you run into any problems during the application process and have the necessary in-demand skills.

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